Tired and sick

09 Aug

I’m not, really. Actually, I would contend that no one has ever been “tired and sick,” though on any number of occasions absolutely everybody has been “sick and tired.” Because that is how that expression goes: The other way hardly seems to make sense, clanks hard on the ear. But they mean the same thing, right?

I said that so I could say this. I write in the Epic Fantasy genre, but I just put out a couple pairs of free shorts (stories) from “Back In The Day,” and somebody asked why I am writing genre fiction now, when 15 years ago I apparently had pretensions of literary-ness. I mumbled a response, but I’ve had some time to think about it, and now I think it may be about tropes.

Not, not troops or troupes, tropes. Those commonalities – the signposts of the genre that tell you where you are. I love those in Epic Fantasy, probably because they generally come down on the side of Good triumphing over Bad, and I love that if for no other reason than it is the rarest of things in the real world. But I also like to play with them, and those Epic Fantasy tropes are just begging for it.

So I do fearless villains and conniving heroes, not Sword and Sorcery but Muskets and Magic, people trying to hold down a job and make a life rather than save a world, and romances that are not doomed love affairs, but the greatest strength of both people in them.

Why fiddle with all that stuff if, in the end, it may well be heading toward a place where the Good can still triumph anyway? I guess I’m just a tiny bit tired and sick of the other way ’round.

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  1. Rachel

    October 7, 2011 at 2:30 pm

    Red sent me.


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