Tag Line Tuesday with Kevin Tomsett

10 Apr

Today, Tag Line Tuesday sits down with author Kevin Tomsett, who was too shy or perhaps “politely Britiish” to want to have a line he wrote head the interview. So let’s just get right to it, and meet Kev.

Ed: Where you from, Kev?

KT: Buckfastleigh Devon UK

Ed: For some reason, that sounds to an American like a place Hobbits might live. 😉 You have a day job there?

KT: My day job is working for my local Co-operative.

Ed: And how about a Dream Job?

KT: My dream job would to be a full-time author.

Ed: Now for the inevitable question, Why do you write?

KT: I’m writing because I so many ideas inside my head that I want to share with the world

Ed: And now for THE LIGHTNING ROUND! Quick, what is your favorite:

Band – Take That

Food – Pizza

Game – Skyrim

Album – “Sittin’ on top of the world” by LeAnn Rimes

Word – “Ace”

Color – Neon Green

Animal – Cat

Piece of clothing – My red jacket

Movie – The 40 Year Old Virgin and Tangled

TV show – Star Trek: Voyager

Drink – Coke,Tea or JD and coke

Song – “Pray” by Take That

Pizza topping – Ham and Pineapple

Place – My home town of Stubbington

Quote – “Do unto others as they would do to you, but do it first”  – Sid Justice in WWF

Ed: Three random things about yourself, please.

KT: 1.) I’m a former pro wrestler. 2.) I’m part Welsh, Part Irish (Republic), and Part English. 3.) I can’t spell

Ed: Now, onto the “book chat” portion of the festivities, staring with books which you did not happen to write yourself.

What’s the biggest consideration when you are deciding what book to read?

KT: The front cover

Ed: What genre do you enjoy most?

KT: Sci Fi

Ed: What genre would you read only if you lost a bet?

KT: Romance

Ed: Do you have a favorite author, and do you think they influence your own writing?

KT: My favorite author is William Shatner, as of right now no he does not have any influence on my writing

Ed: Do you have a favorite book, and how many times have you read it?

KT: Generations by William Shatner, and I’ve read it about 5 times

Ed: What’s the first book you remember buying with your own money?

KT: Generations

Ed: Any books you have been told you should read, and know you probably never will?

KT: No, not yet. My Kindle is full of books like that, but I will read them one day

Ed: Ever lied about reading, or not reading, a book? Read a book you were sure you were going to like, and not liked it? Grudgingly read a book, and loved it?

KT: No, never. Not yet, no. No, not yet.

Ed: What’s your favorite line from a book?

KT: Don’t have one….Yet

Ed: And now, on to books which you did happen to write.

How, and when, do you tend to come up with titles?

KT: Anytime, they just seem to pop into my head.

Ed: How do your characters get their names?

KT: From things in the room I’m in at the time.

Ed: If you could live in the world / with the people of one of your stories, which one would it be and why?

KT: Can’t really answer that one yet, as the book hasn’t been written and it would be giving away info.

Ed: What do you think your books say about you?

KT: I have twisted ideas

Ed: Is there anything you have written which you would now like to change or revise, wish you had written differently, etc.?

KT: Yes, but I’m already doing it

Ed: Tell me about your favorite character.

KT: Daniel from Revenge, because I have based him on me and something that happened to me in the past.

Ed: Have your favorite character tell me about you.

Daniel: Kevin is a misunderstood person with a lot of anger hidden underneath.

Ed: Back to Kevin, and “writing” questions.

Are you a “Plotter” or a “Pantser?”

KT: Plotter.

Ed: What’s the best advice you ever got as a writer?

KT: Best advice was from a fellow indie author Kristina Jackson who told me about showing the story, not telling it.

Ed: What’s the best and worst thing about being a writer?

KT: Best thing is it’s fun. Worst thing is still having a day job.

Ed: Why Indie?

KT: Because I/we have control over our books.

Ed: Is being a writer what you expected? How so or how not?

KT: It has its ups and downs but I am enjoying the process and I get a little thrill whenever I sell a book.

Ed: Have you, or would you ever, collaborate on a story?

KT: My short stories are co-written with my partner Kim, and I’m also writing with another author to rewrite The Game.

Ed: If you were starting to write for the first time, what would you do different?

KT: Make sure my book is as good as it can be, and not repeat the mistakes I made with The Game.

Ed: What is the most important thing you have learned about writing?

KT: It’s not a race, and make sure you learn as much as you can and take all the advice you get.

Ed: What’s the moral of the story?

KT: Writing isn’t easy but its rewarding

Ed: Finally in closing, some real answers to HYPOTHETICAL questions.

Your computer is smoking, wheezing, and sparks are shooting out of the back. You can save one thing off the hard drive.  What is it?

KT: My boy’s baby photos.

Ed: You have one perfect day of free time, no obligations, needs, or responsibilities.  What do you do?

KT: Play Skyrim.

Ed: Someone “in the business” suggests you change something you feel is a critical part of one of your books, and guarantees it will increase sales.  What do you do?

KT: I listen to them and take their advice on board.

Ed: You are offered just enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life, if you will just stop writing.  What do you do?

KT: Reject the offer as writing is too much fun.

Ed: What question do you wish I had asked?

KT: This one. lol


Kevin Tomsett’s novel Revenge is available on Amazon in the US (link on cover) and UK.


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