News for Volume Four of the Norothian Cycle

21 May

Bol Aloha, all. 😉

Since I’m actually getting asked (which is cool) about when the fourth book of the Norothian Cycle is going to be released with greater specificity than “Summer 2012,” I figured I should answer it here. Let’s call it LATE JUNE, that is, before the 27th. I will of course announce it here, post frequently, laugh myself silly, etc.

Book IV is titled DEVIL TOWN, and much like Book II (Death of a Kingdom) it will follow three plotlines, in three “Parts.”

Part One: “The Province and The Protectorate,” follows Allison, Heggenauer, and the Far Westerners’ experience in the former kingdom of Daul after that place got the wallop in Book II.

Part Two: “The Peninsulas,” deals with the post-war reorganization of the Martan Peninusla following John Deskata‘s involvement with the siege of Gigamartu after Book III (The Wind from Miilark), as well as a burgeoning civil war across the Channel in what was Ayzantium, before the conclusion of Book II. Yes, that does mean Nesha-tari returns.

Part Three: “The Underway.” Does that name sound familiar? The dwarven route through the Girding Mountains from Book I (The Sable City)? Well, hopefully the name Tilda Lanai will ring a louder bell, as she is heading back there to resolve some unfinished business.

See ya next month.


PS: And yes, that is totally the logo of Arizona State. Go Sun Devils. 😉


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