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Ed’s Casual Friday 7/27 – One stars for all (p4)

Two things, today. First, the countdown of 100 one-star reviews on the 100 “greatest novels” of all time has concluded over at Indies Unlimited. Can’t believe I milked a whole month’s worth of columns out of doing that. 😉

Here’s a taste:

#12 Bleak House (1852-53) Charles Dickens

“(T)here were a few too many characters, but it was really cool when a whole bunch of people died.”

Second, the Summer Splash Blog Hop continues. Hop onboard to win prizes from a huge number of participating authors, and register to win grand prizes including multiple (two is a multiple, right?) Kindle Fires. My post immeditealy before this one details how you can win all the books of The Norothian Cycle, present and future, just by picking a number. So pick one, already. 😉


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Summer Splash Blog Hop

Welcome, Hoppers, to the sablecity stop of the Summer Splash Blog Hop. This blog is the home page for the epic, Musket & Magic Fantasy series known as The Norothian Cycle (by M. Edward McNally, that would be me). The Sable City is the first book following the feisty Island Guilder, Tilda Lanai, and thus the name of this blog. This is where maps, histories, a glossary, and additional info on the world of the series gets posted, as the books are plenty long enough even without them. Additionally, it is where I run the Tag Line Tuesday series of author interviews, file the occassional miscellaneous blog post, and take part in hops, like this one. 😉

The way the Hop works, is each participating writer offers a prize/giveaway on their individual blog. Meanwhile, all participating hoppers can enter to win the grand prizes, which include TWO Kindle Fires, Amazon Gift Cards, signed paperbacks…the list goes on! All you have to do to register for the grand prize drawing is Tweet the #summerhop hashtag, more info can be found on the main Hop page, here.

My part of the giveaway is simple: I am offering E-BOOK VERSIONS OF THE ENTIRE NOROTHIAN CYCLE. That is, the winner here will be gifted the first four volumes of the series released thus far, pictured to the right. The winner will also receive a complimentary copy of each additional volume upon its release date, via Kindle Gift, Smashwords Coupon, whatever works to get my books to your e-reader. 😉

So, how am I picking my winner? As simply as possible, via my version of the ol’ “How many jellybeans in the jar?” question. To wit:

The final version the newly released book Devil Town, Volume IV of the Norothian Cycle has a word count of 109,472. The question is, what was the word count of the first draft?

Simply make a guess below as a comment, and please be sure to let me know how I can contact you if you win (if you are commenting via your own blog account I can find you that way, otherwise please do leave an e-mail, twitter handle, fb page, etc.). Like the whole tour, this contest expires August 1st, on which day I will do some math to see who has picked closest to the correct number.

Be sure to use the #summerhop hashtag to enter the grand prize drawing, and do stop by as many participating tour stops as you’d like, all are offering their own unique prizes.

Thanks for hopping, and happy reading, all. 🙂

Ed McNally



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Ed’s Casual Friday 7/20 – One stars for all (p3)

Today over at Indies Unlimited, ye olde countdown of the most brutal one-star reviews I could find on the 100 greatest novels of all time continues. 😉

#41 Pride and Prejudice (1813) Jane Austen

“The moral of the story seems to be that enough money can make even the most abrasive and obnoxious jerk seem like prince charming.”

#50 – 26


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“If you don’t have an imagination, stop reading now.” Tag Line Tuesday with Chris James

This Tag Line Tuesday, we sit down (virtually) with…actually, why don’t I let him introduce himself?

Ed: Hola! As writers are “creative” people please answer each of the following biographic questions twice, once with the truth and once with a lie.


CJ:  Chris James and…. Lucas Hunter

Ed: Where you from?

CJ: Hampton Hill, London, England, or the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland

Ed: You have one of those Day jobs?

CJ: Proof-reader/Copyeditor or Dimension Researcher Read the rest of this entry »


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Ed’s Casual Friday 7/13 – One stars for all (p2)

#52 Jane Eyre (1847) Charlotte Bronte

“(E)ssentially “Twilight” from the nineteenth century – a bunch of wholly undesirable guys who are falling head over heels in love with a girl who is described as “plain” and is downright boring.”

The beat goes on: Another 25 of the worst reviews of the greatest novels of all time, today at Indies Unlimited. 😉



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Ed’s Casual Friday 7/6 – One Stars for All

Today over at Indies Unlimited, I start a series of posts counting down the “100 Greatest Novels of All Time,” (based on Daniel S. Burt’s list), along with some one-star commentary from real life readers. 😉

Week One: #100 – 76

Basically, it is stuff like this:

91 On the Road (1957) Jack Kerouac

“The book’s common thread seems to be characters who will travel thousands of miles in search of a hamburger.”


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“I must have been off school that day” – Tag Line Tuesday with Carol E. Wyer

Today, Tag Line Tuesday is happy to welcome…well, why don’t I just get right to it and let her introduce herself?

Ed: Name?

CEW: Carol E Wyer (Just don’t ask what the ‘E’ is for and the first person to say ‘Emintrude’ gets whalloped)

Ed: Where you from?

CEW: I was actually born in Germany, hence my love of beer and lederhosen but I suppose it’s accurate to say I’m a Brit.

Ed: Day job?

CEW: Stripper. Sometimes I use a pole.

Read the rest of this entry »


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