Summer Splash Blog Hop Winner:

01 Aug

Thanks to all those who took part in the Summer Splash Blog Hop, and congratulations to Debbie for coming closest on the “guess the number of jellybeans” style question. 🙂

Q: The final version the newly released book Devil Town, Volume IV of the Norothian Cycle has a word count of 109,472. The question is, what was the word count of the first draft?

A: 108,505

The book got just a little longer from first to final draft, which is odd as some scenes were cut and others added, and at least one was reworked entirely, but there you go.

Here are the final guesses, and where the actual answer falls on the scale. Again, thanks to everybody for playing, and Debbie, I will be in touch. 😉

Ed McNally

First Draft Word Count Estimates of “Devil Town”

21 kittyb78

100,000 Jolea M. Harrison

(((ANSWER: 108,505)))

110,000 Debbie

112,288 Juana Esparza

117,510 Amber Dane

118,768 Jason Sampson

124,432 John Bohrman

124,589 Crystal

124,765 mama4science

125,893 Jim Devitt

129,362 karincox

137,500 mabledsoe

137,837 Lauren M.

145,000 Arthur Caudill

145,894 Lori M

150,000 Julene Wallace Jefferson

152,498 Trianna

165,573 Sara M

169,204 Emma Petfield

174,922 Susan Ricci & Erma

180,000 Crystal Young

195,647 Trianna Hyde

200,500 Zanza

213,154 jennifer grunenberg


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