The Haunted Collection, Free Oct 5th and 6th.

05 Oct

 Hiya, Halloween fans. 🙂

Happy to announce that The Haunted Collection – the most recent short story compilation from the eclectic, cross-genre authors known collectively as The Eclective (see how that name works?) is FREE for Amazon Kindle this Friday and Saturday, (Oct 5th and 6th).

Just to explain a little bit about us: The authors of The Eclective write in a number of different genres, from epic fantasy to paranormal YA to contemporary to parody, and a ton of stuff in between. But we have come together to do some projects. Actually, we mostly came together to hangout on facebook and amuse each other, but we also have a “communal” website and page, and a few times a year we put out short story collections.

These are generally built around a theme of some kind, though everybody comes at it from their own direction, and does stories they feel like doing, without regard for what genre or classification they might happen to fall into. Our theory, inasmuch as we have one, is that the story is the thing. If a reader finds a story that they like, we tend to feel genre is at best a secondary distinction.

The Haunted Collection is the fifth we have done, and I am highlighting it specifically here at The Sable City blog as it is the second collection where my story is set within the world of the Norothian Cycle. In last year’s Halloween Collection, “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” featured the yakuza character Yu Pao Long, years before he had left the Farthest West and come to Noroth. In the Haunted Collection, my story is entitled “Empty Vessel,” the tale of a ghost ship adrift at sea. While it does not feature any of the characters of the Norothian Cycle directly, the Trade Houses of Miilark and the Musket & Magic setting will be familiar to fans of the series.

Me and my fellow Eclectivites hope you’ll check us out, and maybe find something that you like. Even if it is outside of your normal genre preferences. Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear before, we do make all the collections FREE everywhere as soon as we are able to do so. The first four are always free, on Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc. 🙂

The Pride Collection

The Celtic Collection

The Holiday Collection

The Halloween Collection

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