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Ed’s Casual Friday: Signing Off

riding-into-the-sunsetToday on Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited, I ride off into the sunset.

Thanks much to the IU admins, staff, and readers for a great year. 🙂


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Everybody is a Star!

smiling star(I didn’t schedule this post ahead of time, just on the off chance the world blew up)

As a gentle reminder that every book ever written gets *hammered* by one-star reviews sometimes, today’s column at Indies Unlimited runs down the 12 bestselling books of 2012, along with excerpts from 12 reviews that gave them a total of 12 stars. Enjoy. 😉


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Congrats, 2012 Holiday Hop WINNER!

CONGARATS Conga rats to the WINNER of the Norothian Cycle via the 2012 Holiday Hop:


Who I, of course, can’t figure out how to contact. 🙂

So here’s the deal Kathy – feel free to leave a comment here with an address or profile through which I can contact you, or you can e-mail me directly at and I will get your e-books in whatever way works best for you. Congratulations, and thanks very much to all who entered. Happy Holidays, all the best to you and yours, and as always, thanks much for reading.

– Ed McNally

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Free Apocalypse! (that sounded weird)

APOCALYPSE_ad_jpgHappy Friday, and just a couple things I’d like to mention today – first off, the newest short story collection from the Eclective is available for FREE today from Amazon (and Amazon UK ). This one is seven stories by seven authors all dealing with The Apocalypse, so we figured we should get it out free this weekend…just in case.
holiday hop 2012
Second, over on Ed’s Casual Friday at Indies Unlimited, today’s column details some of the signs that you might, in fact, be a writer of Epic Fantasy.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend, and be sure to check out the post immediately below this one to join the Holiday Hop for a chance to win prizes ranging from all the books of the Norothian Cycle, to a Kindle Fire. 🙂


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Win the Norothian Cycle – Holiday Hop

holiday hop 2012HOLIDAY BLOG HOP!!! Ho, ho, ho. (In a good way…)

Hello, I’m M. Edward McNally, but you can call me “Ed” (waves). Welcome to the sablecity’s stop on the 2012 Holiday Hop, and thanks much for hopping by. 🙂

Here is how I am working my giveway, which will be very simple as befits my level of techological ineptitude. I’m the author of an epic, Musket & Magic fantasy series called The Norothian Cycle, presently consisting of four books, with the fifth out early next year. The series stars a feisty Guild-trained adventurer named Tilda Lanai, and I’m gratified to say even non-fantasy fans have thus far found her stories worth reading. So please don’t let the term “epic fantasy” worry you too much. 😉

Volume One, The Sable City, is always FREE for all e-book platforms. It weighs in at a robust 183,076 words and is the longest of the four books available at this time. So here is my simple “How many jellybeans in the jar?” style question:

<<<  What is the total Word Count of the first four books of The Norothian Cycle?  >>>

Feel free to leave a guess here as a comment, and a way you can be reached online (if you are not already posting as a facebook, wordpress, whatever profile). At the conclusion of the blog hop which runs December 10th to 14th, I will select a winner by a careful process of addition and subtraction to calculate the closest answer to the actual word count (guessing higher or lower doesn’t matter, so go nuts).

The closest guess will win something along the lines of A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE NOROTHIAN CYCLE. That is, I will get you e-copies of the existing books in the series ($4.99 each), provided in any of the normal ways: either directly via Kindle “gift,” Smashwords coupon, or just sending the apporpriate files for any kind of e-reader. Whatever works for you. In addition, as each subsequent volume is released, I will send you a copy of that one as well, beginning in early 2013 with Volume V: The Channel War.

That’s all there is to it, just leave a number as a guess, and do remember to check out the main page of the Holiday Hop to visit all the participating blogs, and enter for the Grand Prize packages including (drumroll) A KINDLE FIRE! 

Thanks again for taking part, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and as I always say: Thanks for reading. 🙂

Ed McNallysnowflake01


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FREE today via Bookbub…The Sable City

jackcover02Also, I would be remiss if I did not thank Bookbub for featuring THE SABLE CITY today among its FREE titles. 🙂

You can just click the cover or title there and it will take you to the links for Kindle, Nook, the iStore, Smashwords, etc, and feel FREE to help yourself to Volume I of the Norothian Cycle. 🙂


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Ed’s Casual Friday: Pantser Monologue

squirrel coffeeToday on Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited, I pants myself.

By which I mean I opine about what it’s like for a writer who is a “Pantser” to sit down every morning in front of their writing instruments with no earthly idea what the hell they are doing there. 😉

Plus, there’s a squirrel.


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