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The Channel War, in 38 lines.

halberdSo barring disaster or Acts of Dragons, Book V of Norothian Cycle – The Channel War – should be available right after the weekend, on April Fool’s Day (funny how that works out).

A friend suggested this idea by way of a “preview,” posting one line of dialogue from each of the 38 chapters. I admit, it’s a weird idea, but I sort of found it amusing, and so here you go. Hope to see you next week when I’ll be posting (gasp!) active links to where the book can actually be had, but until then, here is the entirety of The Channel War, via the mouths of those characters living it.

“There are days of sun and days of rain.”

“Fire shells, Lord Mayor. Your city yields, or it burns.”

“Sometimes there is a trumpet or something, but I did not think to bring a minstrel.”

“Reveal thyself.”

“I am willing to be searched if you would like, Miss.”

“There is betrayal behind us, and trouble all around. Staying in this place is standing still with our neck in a noose.”

“What in the hell is wrong with you, woman?”

“The rest are novice priests, though experienced villains.”

“Even should nothing happen, I suppose the damage to my reputation is done.”

“Your human blood makes you so stupid.”

“There is always a pretext that will move men toward war, it is just a matter of finding the right one.”

“We do not truck with demons nor devils.”

“I know what you did to me.”

“Do not laugh. She will cut you.”

“Be a dear and shoot the archers first, will you?”

“Give their masters something to think about before they try this again.”

“I assume you have something important to say, or else I am guessing you would not have risked having someone throw a net over your head.”

“I’m not getting on a horse for a while, but I’ll be fine.”

“Seems too heavy for any sort of cooking fire.”

“Lambs have no sense but to walk themselves to the slaughter.”

“I am sure he would have liked to see you again. He would be happy you are here.”

“You cannot hope to avoid a long and agonizing war by attempting to stay out of it. You must win it, and swiftly.”

“Take a breath and relax yourself, Captain. I am here to talk, if you will stop blustering and posing for a minute’s time.”

“Handsome or not, you have to teach a boy to work for it. The fisherman does not respect the easy fish.”

“Though it is worth remembering that the anchor which is cut away, may not be used again.”

“What was that? Are you shot?”

“I stand around a lot with no real idea of what I’m doing.”

“Congratulations. It only took you a week to summon the courage to ask that.”

“And who is this little charmer?”

“What do words mean to the dead?”

“Fantastic. I suppose the whole of the Empire now knows I am the puppet of that horned bastard in Devil Town.”

“Have I told you that you talk too damn much?”

“I hate and love you so much right now I could break both your legs.”

“That sounds rather dangerous.”

“I am backing my faith with my life and my steel.”

“Time for me to bleed a little?”

“That was not the deal, Kitty.”

“A woman has to talk. Or why did you think men pick up swords in the first place?”


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New Book V – The Channel War – Map

Western Noroth & NW Kandala 1396 NC

Western Noroth & NW Kandala 1396 NC

Book V of the Norothian Cycle, The Channel War is officially in the editorial/formatting homestretch, so as always big thanks to my Betas, and of course The Cyber Witch. 🙂

The plotline of this one roves around a number of different events in a number of different places, so I am figuring on including multiple maps for each “part” and possibly a few specific chapters. The main map at the beginning of the book will thus be this one, which sacrifices a lot of detail but offers a wider view of about a continent-and-a-half worth of places with funny names, for the sake of the “big picture.”

Thanks for stopping by, and I’m looking forward to getting the next installment of Tilda & Co.’s tale out to you. 🙂



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The Channel War, Volume V of the Norothian Cycle. SOON!

“For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled.”

– Hunter S. Thompson

I thought about that quote a lot as I was finishing a draft suitable for editing of the fifth book in the Norothian Cycle. As you might guess, The Channel War is about exactly what it sounds like: War. I am something of a military history buff, which some might mistake as being a fan of war. That really couldn’t be further from the truth, as even fascination does not always imply affection. There really isn’t anything about war that I like, neither as an idea nor as a reality. But I will admit that it holds my interest.

As readers of the Norothian Cycle undoubtedly know, the first four books have brought the continent of Noroth and the characters who “live” there up to the yawning precipice of what a red dragon named Bith-Kal describes to John Deskata as a war that “will not only set dragon against dragon, but nation against nation, and man against man.” (Book III, The Wind from Miilark). By Book V that war has erupted, and there are no characters in the series who remained untouched by the strife. There were parts of the book I found really hard to write, for I have come to care more than I even realized for Tilda Lanai, Phin PhoartyKendall Heggenauer, and the rest of the cast o’ thousands. Delivering troubles to their doors wasn’t fun, but I felt like it had to be done to tell the story as I wanted it told. Thus the Thompson quote above, which I take to mean that even in fiction, nothing good comes without price. That price is paid in this book, and I humbly hope a bit of triumph and beauty may come with it.

The last section of The Channel War is now being edited, and I hope to have it available by the first of next month, which turns out to be April Fool’s Day, 2013. There is something so right about that. 🙂 Oh, and the cover by Tamra Westberry looks a little something like this:

Channel War cover


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