Summer Splash Blog Hop WINNER!

30 Jul

CongratulationsCongrats to MARY ENDERSBE for winning this stop of the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop!

Mary’s answer to the question: “The rough draft of Part One of the Sixth Volume of the Norothian Cycle numbered 51,211 words. What is the word count of the edited version?” was 49,324 was only 348 words off the actual answer of 48,976. That might seem like I cut a bit over 2000 words off the first draft, though actually I think I probably cut about twelve-thousand, then added another ten. Writing! 😉

Thanks much to all who entered, and to all who downloaded The Sable City while it is free, I hope it is enjoyed. I will go ahead and redact e-mail addresses from the entries so they are not floating around the interwebs forever. Thanks for hopping by everybody, and congratulations, Mary. I’ll be in contact soon, and get your books to you. 🙂

Ed McNally

Guesses in the contest –

Tina Connor Myers 632
acflory 30,000
BooLady 36,709
Dominique 37,258
lynnhubbard 37,896
olga c. 38,633
tribalcat 38,927
kidisitor 39,013
Katie Amanda 40,000
Liz Woods 41,000
Christine 41,623
Karen 42,000
Barbara Stull 42,316
Karla Darcy 44,000
Nicole Huffman 44,500
bookaholicholly 44,691
Valerie Rhodes 45,500
Aimee Marie 46,000
Lynsey Peterson 46,478
Kim Pinch 46,517
Gina Meier 46,565
Janice Hougland 47,200
Sadie 47,373
anthonyjrapino 47,672
patricefitzgerald 47,777
jmesparza821 48,000
Ginger 48,222 (-754)


Mary Endersbe 49,324 (+348) FOR THE WIN!
Mother-Earth 49,531
Terry Trahan 49,849
shadowluvs2read 49,887
B. L. Blair 49,890
Bames Kaur Pabla 50,000
Lori Passaro 50,976
Denise Z. 51,000
Savannah miller 51,888
Sami Coghill 52,000
benmuse663 52,250
bbrandythornton 52,267
Sarah M. 52,800
Kimberly Mayberry 53,025
Tara Woods 53,411
Ellen Thompson 53,627
It’s me: VVerity 53,832
joe hankshaw 54,123
Susan 54,712
Jolea M. Harrison 55,000
Judy Peterson 59,916
Crystal C. 64,000

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