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So You Survived Thanksgiving…Black Friday Ebook Sale!

turkey books

SALE! SALE! SALE! Whether you are home sprawled on the couch, basking in the digestive process, or standing in line at a box store like cattle in a chute – do feel free to check out a wide variety of books, across multiple genres, all discounted for the holiday weekend to the low, low price of 99 cents, or even FREE!

And now, back to work on Book Six of the Norothian Cycle…


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Summer Splash Blog Hop WINNER!

CongratulationsCongrats to MARY ENDERSBE for winning this stop of the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop!

Mary’s answer to the question: “The rough draft of Part One of the Sixth Volume of the Norothian Cycle numbered 51,211 words. What is the word count of the edited version?” was 49,324 was only 348 words off the actual answer of 48,976. That might seem like I cut a bit over 2000 words off the first draft, though actually I think I probably cut about twelve-thousand, then added another ten. Writing! 😉

Thanks much to all who entered, and to all who downloaded The Sable City while it is free, I hope it is enjoyed. I will go ahead and redact e-mail addresses from the entries so they are not floating around the interwebs forever. Thanks for hopping by everybody, and congratulations, Mary. I’ll be in contact soon, and get your books to you. 🙂

Ed McNally

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Summer Splash Blog Hop, July 26-29

splashlogoHello, and welcome to the Sable City tour stop on the 2013 Summer Splash Blog Hop. I’m Eddie McNally, and I will be your… um, Bellhop, I guess?

The Sable City is the first book of an epic, muskets & magic fantasy series called The Norothian Cycle, starring a feisty Island Guilder named Tilda Lanai. For the duration of the Hop, the first book is available for (wait for it) FREE on the major e-reading devices, including Kindle (US and UK), Nook, the iStore, Kobo, and via Smashwords. Do feel FREE to help yourself, and get started on Tilda’s tale.

Now for the contest. As I remain a simple, simple man, I am offering e-copies of volumes II through V of the Norothian Cycle to one lucky hopper who will be selcted via the simple expedient of asking the equivalent of “How many jellybeans are in the jar?”jellybeans1 Not literally of course, but rather like this:

“The rough draft of Part One of the Sixth Volume of the Norothian Cycle numbered 51,211 words. What is the word count of the edited version?”

For your chance to win the next four volumes of the Norothian Cycle, which retail regularly for $4.99 each, just leave a guess as to the word count as a comment. Please also mention a way you can be contacted, if you don’t happen to be commenting with a profile I can send a reply. At the conclusion of the Hop, the closest guess to the correct number wins the prize – it’s as simple as that!

Thanks for hopping by and playing, remember to register for the GRAND PRIZES on the main Hop page, and do feel FREE (saying that one more time) to check out The Sable City. On the house this weekend.

Good luck and good reading,
– M. Edward McNally
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H&V and ENT.

Two quick things,

First, congrats to Karin Cox for winning my stop of the Heroes & Villains Blog Hop – her guesstimation of that the first draft of The Channel War ran 162,349 words was closest to the mark, as the real figure of 142,880 (yes, sometimes my subsequent drafts get a bit longer than the first). thanks to all who entered. 🙂

JackSableSecond, thanks to Ereader News Today for featuring The Sable City among today’s FREE titles. 🙂

Back to work on Volume Six, hope everybody has a good day. And as always, thanks for reading.


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Heroes and Villains Blog Hop, May 3rd-6th

5-3 hv bannerHello, and welcome to the sablecity blog – the home page for The Norothian Cycle epic fantasy series, and the 20th stop on this weekend’s Heroes & Villains Blog Hop.

My article on the topic of Villains, and specfically John the Red, ran a couple days ago to save space here for the giveaway/contest – which is remarkably simple as befits my level of technological incompetence.

First off, Book I of the Norothian Cycle – The Sable City – is presently FREE from all major e-book retailers, including of course Amazon US & UK – other linkes may be found here. Feel free to download a copy if interested, and get to know the aforementioned John, a feisty Island Guilder by the name of Tilda Lanai, a man-eating Lamia, a broken-hearted samurai…the whole mandatory “cast of thousands” to round out any good Epic Fantasy of the Musket & Magic persuasion. 😉

The next four volumes of the Cycle are Death of a Kingdom, The Wind from Miilark, Devil Town, and The Channel War, and for the H&V Blog Hop, I will be giving away an e- copy of each to the person who can come closest to answering the following “How many jellybeans are in this jar?” style question:

The final word count of The Channel War is 146,789. What was the word count of the first draft?

That’s it, feel free to leave a guesstimated word count as a comment on this post, and please do leave an address (twitter, e-mail, facebook, wordpress, whatever) where I can contact whoever comes closest to the pin after the weekend, and arrange to get you copies of the full Norothian Cycle in your preferred format. The winner will also be posted here Monday, and I will list all guesses in order for the sake of verification. That’s it, easy-peasy. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and please do have fun continuing the Heroes & Villains Blog Hop, checking out what everyone has to offer, and hopefully finding some new authors you may enjoy. And as always, thanks for reading.

– Ed McNally


Participating authors in the Heroes & Villains Blog Hop, May 3-6 2013.


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Does Valentine’s Day ever feel like the End of the World?

APOCALYPSE_ad_jpgCheer up, Emo Kids. The seven authors of the Eclective are offering THE APOLCALYPSE COLLECTION for the low, low price of FREE, today through Saturday on all Amazon platforms. Fell FREE to help yourself to some tales about the End of All Things.

My own contribution is a post-apoc style short story called “Seeds,” goes a little something like this:


The body was stiff and we could smell the dry rot even through our respirators. Specs stood watch and I rolled it for a pat-down. It was definitely a feral, male, hard to guess age but with skin all cooked and paper thin. No obvious injuries, but ferals tend to just drop dead after a while with their lungs full of grit, or because they got hungry enough to eat the straggly, poison plants out here. The body was too far gone to drag back to the Feeders, but the pat-down turned up a shotgun with the barrel sawed off, some home-load ammo, and five knives though only two that weren’t all rusty. Box of matches, broken compass, and the can.

I held it out so Specs could see it. It was about the size of the fifty-round drum load on his XM8 assault rifle, but a scratched-up silver color. Made out of metal and screwed shut about three-quarters up the side.

“What you got there Meats?” Specs asked. He’d flopped his respirator aside just long enough to pop the left-side end of the throat tube from his camel pack into his mouth, while squeezing the belly pouch through his fatigues and camo gear. You’ve got to carry the nush the Feeders cook up like that so your body heat keeps it from turning solid. Specs sucked a mouthful of the brown paste through his tube and put his respirator back in place.

“Don’t know,” I said. “Looks like a can.”

Specs doesn’t give me as much crap as a couple of the others in our billet do for being stupid. He looked around the hills again before stepping over and hunkering down, pushing at his goggs to straighten his glasses on his nose inside them. His eyes are so bad, they are why the Priests sterilized him. Don’t want to pass on being blind-as-a-feral-at-noon to the next generation Up the Hill. They did me because I’m stupid.

I holstered my .45 and got a good grip on both ends of the can, but even with the tack pads on the fingers my gloves wouldn’t grip the smooth metal. I took them both off while Specs gave the hillside another glance, and still had to squeeze the can against my chest and tense up my shoulders before it loosened enough to unscrew. When it did I held out the bottom part and me and Specs blinked down at a bunch of itty-bitty little beige things.

“What’s that?” I asked, but Specs just stared at them for a while before he answered, voice still muffled through his respirator though it sounded like he was whispering anyway.

“Those are seeds, Meats,” he said. “Those are seeds.”


Like I said, the rest is free, US, UK, and all Amazon venues. 🙂

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The Sable City on FKB&T

JackSableThanks much to Free Kindle Books and Tips for featuring The Sable City among today’s featured FREE titles. And of course as always, all unKindled e-readers are welcome to a free copy as well. 🙂

Feel free to jump aboard the Norothian Cycle, and see where Tilda Lanai takes you.

– Ed


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