Tag Line Tuesday
10/18/11 – Heather Marie Adkins “Too cold to snow.”

10/25/11 Shea MacLeod “How’s that working out for you?”

11/1/11 – Talia Jager “Who p!$$ed in your Cheerios?”

11/8/11 – PJ Jones “Every Romance needs a Villain…”

11/15/11 – Alan Nayes “Love is a lot like that…zappo, you’re hooked.”

11/22/11 – Julia Crane “How could I feel calm about taking a life?”

11/29/11 – Jack Wallen “…like a chubby kid sitting on a box of Cap’N Crunch.”

12/06/11 – Lizzy Ford “Just don’t ask where I hide the bodies,”

12/20/11 – Christine DeMaio-Rice “The baby was wrong.”

12/27/11 – Stephen Hise “McNally!”

01/03/12 – K.S. Brooks “I’m all over this like a cheap suit on a kangaroo.”

01/31/12 – Roberta M. Roy

02/14/12 – Valerie Douglas “Clear crystal symbolizing the light of reason…”

02/28/12 – JD Mader “…as water flows through trembling hands.”

03/13/12 – Laurie Boris “…register for nursing school in the morning.”

03/27/12 – Red Tash “The Quest for Perfection Will Murder Your Spirit”

04/10/12 – Kev Tomsett

04/24/12 – Jess Mountifield

05/08/12 – Stephaine Abbott “An earthbound angel with crumpled, cardboard wings.”

05/22/12 – G.R. Yeates “Overhead, he heard the black birds cry.”

06/05/12 – Yvonne Hertzberger “Those things best left unexamined…”

06/19/12 – LB Clark “I’ll probably drunk dial my boyfriend.”

07/03/12 – Carol E. Wyer “I must have been off school that day.”

07/17/12 – Chris James “”If you don’t have imagination, stop reading now.”

09/25/12 – Jacqueline Hopkins “Nimbly, she let her fingers have their way.”

10/02/12 – Susan Wells Bennett “…trying to find the shortcuts to happiness in life.”

12/04/12 – Carolyn Steele “Almost Ice Road Truckers, except for the tulip bulbs.”


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