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Does Valentine’s Day ever feel like the End of the World?

APOCALYPSE_ad_jpgCheer up, Emo Kids. The seven authors of the Eclective are offering THE APOLCALYPSE COLLECTION for the low, low price of FREE, today through Saturday on all Amazon platforms. Fell FREE to help yourself to some tales about the End of All Things.

My own contribution is a post-apoc style short story called “Seeds,” goes a little something like this:


The body was stiff and we could smell the dry rot even through our respirators. Specs stood watch and I rolled it for a pat-down. It was definitely a feral, male, hard to guess age but with skin all cooked and paper thin. No obvious injuries, but ferals tend to just drop dead after a while with their lungs full of grit, or because they got hungry enough to eat the straggly, poison plants out here. The body was too far gone to drag back to the Feeders, but the pat-down turned up a shotgun with the barrel sawed off, some home-load ammo, and five knives though only two that weren’t all rusty. Box of matches, broken compass, and the can.

I held it out so Specs could see it. It was about the size of the fifty-round drum load on his XM8 assault rifle, but a scratched-up silver color. Made out of metal and screwed shut about three-quarters up the side.

“What you got there Meats?” Specs asked. He’d flopped his respirator aside just long enough to pop the left-side end of the throat tube from his camel pack into his mouth, while squeezing the belly pouch through his fatigues and camo gear. You’ve got to carry the nush the Feeders cook up like that so your body heat keeps it from turning solid. Specs sucked a mouthful of the brown paste through his tube and put his respirator back in place.

“Don’t know,” I said. “Looks like a can.”

Specs doesn’t give me as much crap as a couple of the others in our billet do for being stupid. He looked around the hills again before stepping over and hunkering down, pushing at his goggs to straighten his glasses on his nose inside them. His eyes are so bad, they are why the Priests sterilized him. Don’t want to pass on being blind-as-a-feral-at-noon to the next generation Up the Hill. They did me because I’m stupid.

I holstered my .45 and got a good grip on both ends of the can, but even with the tack pads on the fingers my gloves wouldn’t grip the smooth metal. I took them both off while Specs gave the hillside another glance, and still had to squeeze the can against my chest and tense up my shoulders before it loosened enough to unscrew. When it did I held out the bottom part and me and Specs blinked down at a bunch of itty-bitty little beige things.

“What’s that?” I asked, but Specs just stared at them for a while before he answered, voice still muffled through his respirator though it sounded like he was whispering anyway.

“Those are seeds, Meats,” he said. “Those are seeds.”


Like I said, the rest is free, US, UK, and all Amazon venues. 🙂

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Free Yakuza! (you heard me)

halloween eclection
Happy 2013, party peoples. 🙂

I thought I would start off the new year with a progress report on The Channel War, the fifth volume of the Norothian Cycle, which will be the next book I release this year. Progress is: Progressing. As readers of the series will know, there are a lot of plot lines interweaving, and various and sundry characters running hither, thither, and yither by Book V, so pulling everything together against the back-drop a multi-theatre intercontinental war takes a bit of doing. My goal is still to have everything good-to-go relatively early in this year of 2013, sooner rather than later. I am trying to be quick, without hurrying. 😉

Now, the fact that some characters are returning to the story after an absence of a book or longer reminded me of something else I may have failed to mention here at the sablecity before. While I have previously “pimped” the short story collections put out by my fellow authors of The Eclective, I am not sure I have said that in some of them, my stories have involved the larger world or some supporting characters from the Norothian Cycle.

For example, in last year’s Halloween Collection – which is available FREE from all ebook retailers including AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords – my story called “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” is something of an origin piece regarding Yu Pao Long; the friendly neighborhood yakuza who travels with John and Rhinanne Deskata throughout book three, The Wind From Miilark. The story can also be read free on Wattpad.

If you haven’t read the story and would like a little something to tide you over until Book V is out, please do feel free to check it out on any convenient venue. And if you haven’t read anything from my fellow Eclectivites before, I reckon the stories in any of the collections may serve as an introduction to something else you might like, as we cover a variety of genres and styles (and thus the name). In any case, Welcome to the New Year, and I look forward to looking forward with you all. 🙂

– Ed


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The Haunted Collection, Free Oct 5th and 6th.

 Hiya, Halloween fans. 🙂

Happy to announce that The Haunted Collection – the most recent short story compilation from the eclectic, cross-genre authors known collectively as The Eclective (see how that name works?) is FREE for Amazon Kindle this Friday and Saturday, (Oct 5th and 6th).

Just to explain a little bit about us: The authors of The Eclective write in a number of different genres, from epic fantasy to paranormal YA to contemporary to parody, and a ton of stuff in between. But we have come together to do some projects. Actually, we mostly came together to hangout on facebook and amuse each other, but we also have a “communal” website and page, and a few times a year we put out short story collections.

These are generally built around a theme of some kind, though everybody comes at it from their own direction, and does stories they feel like doing, without regard for what genre or classification they might happen to fall into. Our theory, inasmuch as we have one, is that the story is the thing. If a reader finds a story that they like, we tend to feel genre is at best a secondary distinction.

The Haunted Collection is the fifth we have done, and I am highlighting it specifically here at The Sable City blog as it is the second collection where my story is set within the world of the Norothian Cycle. In last year’s Halloween Collection, “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” featured the yakuza character Yu Pao Long, years before he had left the Farthest West and come to Noroth. In the Haunted Collection, my story is entitled “Empty Vessel,” the tale of a ghost ship adrift at sea. While it does not feature any of the characters of the Norothian Cycle directly, the Trade Houses of Miilark and the Musket & Magic setting will be familiar to fans of the series.

Me and my fellow Eclectivites hope you’ll check us out, and maybe find something that you like. Even if it is outside of your normal genre preferences. Oh, and in case I wasn’t clear before, we do make all the collections FREE everywhere as soon as we are able to do so. The first four are always free, on Amazon, B&N, Apple, etc. 🙂

The Pride Collection

The Celtic Collection

The Holiday Collection

The Halloween Collection

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