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The Norothian Cycle Book 6… and 7. October update.


I’ve got some short news and some long news, not sure if either rises to the level of good or bad.

The short news is, while I initially thought I could conclude the sixth and last book of the Norothian Cycle by the end of this year, that is not going to happen now. Nothing is wrong, per se, other than while actually writing this book, I’ve come to realize exactly how much remains to be resolved. I honestly don’t think I can wrap up the story to anybody’s satisfaction (least of all my own) in only one more book. Not without making it some quarter-million-plus-word monstrosity that won’t be available for half a year or more later than I hoped.

Ergo, my loose (and I stress “loose”) intention now is still to have Book 6 ready to go around the time I hoped (late this year, or more likely early next). But it is not going to be the last book of the series. There will be a Book 7. I throw myself on the mercy of the court, and hope to thank you for your patience.

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The Norothian Cycle Book 6 – July Update

racing turtle
Hi, I’m Eddie McNally, and it has been two months since my last blog post.

Nothing much has happened in the intervening weeks mind you. Writing Book 6 continues to take up most of my time, and while I think I am on pace for a release this year, I have to admit it is really slow going. Readers of The Norothian Cycle may have noticed a preponderance of plotlines unspooling throughout the first five books, and as John the Red is the last installment, all those loose ends have to come together. Also, I feel it would be nice if they came together in a readable fashion – so that takes a bit of doing.

Just as a for instance, here are five ongoing issues from the first five books I’ve already found myself wrestling with, while still on the first part of Book 6. And yes, they all involve characters who might be termed as either “secondary” or even “tertiary.”

Ongoing issues from:

The Sable City – Will Amatesu ever really be able to forgive herself for what she did to Uriako Shikashe’s family?
Death of a Kingdom – Is Karza ever going to get some comeuppance, or is that evil jerk going to keep skating?
The Wind from Miilark – Will Rhianne ever find someone else to love?
Devil TownPagette can’t keep popping up working for different governments without somebody finally putting him in front of a firing squad, can he?
The Channel War – Is there really any cap on Claudja Perforce’s ambition? Read the rest of this entry »


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Norothian Cycle Map: Daul 1395-1398 NC, Book VI update

Daul Timeline

So here’s the thing I’ve found over the course of the 5+ books of The Norothian Cycle – when you’re writing an epic fantasy where the unfolding plot and the actions of the characters have an ongoing effect on the fictional “world,” mapmaking becomes almost a second job (or fifth or sixth job, if you count writing, editing, reading, social media butterfly, blogging, etc.)

As readers are aware, a lot of the action of the novels has unfolded in and around territory that up until 1395-1396 (by the Norothian Calendar) constituted The Kingdom of Daul, various parts of which have come “under new management” more than one time. Thus most of the books have included updated maps which, while geographically the same, cover a number of shifting political and military realities “on the ground.” Now that I am working on Book VI, which is meant to be the capstone of this part of the Norothian Cycle, I bolted this map together to keep things straight in my head for myself, but then thought “Hey, why not blog it?”

So here we go: some words relating to these maps, which may contain a few spoilers for those who haven’t read through Book V (The Channel War), though I will endeavor to keep those plot related without dipping into too many character references. From there, I will tell you where I am now, as Book VI (John the Red) begins to unfold. Read the rest of this entry »


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Heroes and Villains Blog Hop, May 3rd-6th

5-3 hv bannerHello, and welcome to the sablecity blog – the home page for The Norothian Cycle epic fantasy series, and the 20th stop on this weekend’s Heroes & Villains Blog Hop.

My article on the topic of Villains, and specfically John the Red, ran a couple days ago to save space here for the giveaway/contest – which is remarkably simple as befits my level of technological incompetence.

First off, Book I of the Norothian Cycle – The Sable City – is presently FREE from all major e-book retailers, including of course Amazon US & UK – other linkes may be found here. Feel free to download a copy if interested, and get to know the aforementioned John, a feisty Island Guilder by the name of Tilda Lanai, a man-eating Lamia, a broken-hearted samurai…the whole mandatory “cast of thousands” to round out any good Epic Fantasy of the Musket & Magic persuasion. 😉

The next four volumes of the Cycle are Death of a Kingdom, The Wind from Miilark, Devil Town, and The Channel War, and for the H&V Blog Hop, I will be giving away an e- copy of each to the person who can come closest to answering the following “How many jellybeans are in this jar?” style question:

The final word count of The Channel War is 146,789. What was the word count of the first draft?

That’s it, feel free to leave a guesstimated word count as a comment on this post, and please do leave an address (twitter, e-mail, facebook, wordpress, whatever) where I can contact whoever comes closest to the pin after the weekend, and arrange to get you copies of the full Norothian Cycle in your preferred format. The winner will also be posted here Monday, and I will list all guesses in order for the sake of verification. That’s it, easy-peasy. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by, and please do have fun continuing the Heroes & Villains Blog Hop, checking out what everyone has to offer, and hopefully finding some new authors you may enjoy. And as always, thanks for reading.

– Ed McNally


Participating authors in the Heroes & Villains Blog Hop, May 3-6 2013.


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The Channel War, and…Carthage?

hamilcarThanks much to Hamilcar (you know – Hannibal’s Dad) for his review of The Channel War, Book V of the Norothian Cycle. 🙂

“So what separates this epic fantasy series from the hundreds of other ones available for your Kindle?  For me, it is the complexity of the conflict and the “grayness” of the characters.”

And do check out all Gen’l Barca’s book reviews over a wide-range of genres and styles, which I find always makes things more interesting. 🙂


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The Channel War LIVES!

cover desktopNew addition to the family. 🙂

The Channel War, Book V of the Norothian Cycle, is now available.

I will be taking a nap. 😉


Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:


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The Channel War, in 38 lines.

halberdSo barring disaster or Acts of Dragons, Book V of Norothian Cycle – The Channel War – should be available right after the weekend, on April Fool’s Day (funny how that works out).

A friend suggested this idea by way of a “preview,” posting one line of dialogue from each of the 38 chapters. I admit, it’s a weird idea, but I sort of found it amusing, and so here you go. Hope to see you next week when I’ll be posting (gasp!) active links to where the book can actually be had, but until then, here is the entirety of The Channel War, via the mouths of those characters living it.

“There are days of sun and days of rain.”

“Fire shells, Lord Mayor. Your city yields, or it burns.”

“Sometimes there is a trumpet or something, but I did not think to bring a minstrel.”

“Reveal thyself.”

“I am willing to be searched if you would like, Miss.”

“There is betrayal behind us, and trouble all around. Staying in this place is standing still with our neck in a noose.”

“What in the hell is wrong with you, woman?”

“The rest are novice priests, though experienced villains.”

“Even should nothing happen, I suppose the damage to my reputation is done.”

“Your human blood makes you so stupid.”

“There is always a pretext that will move men toward war, it is just a matter of finding the right one.”

“We do not truck with demons nor devils.”

“I know what you did to me.”

“Do not laugh. She will cut you.”

“Be a dear and shoot the archers first, will you?”

“Give their masters something to think about before they try this again.”

“I assume you have something important to say, or else I am guessing you would not have risked having someone throw a net over your head.”

“I’m not getting on a horse for a while, but I’ll be fine.”

“Seems too heavy for any sort of cooking fire.”

“Lambs have no sense but to walk themselves to the slaughter.”

“I am sure he would have liked to see you again. He would be happy you are here.”

“You cannot hope to avoid a long and agonizing war by attempting to stay out of it. You must win it, and swiftly.”

“Take a breath and relax yourself, Captain. I am here to talk, if you will stop blustering and posing for a minute’s time.”

“Handsome or not, you have to teach a boy to work for it. The fisherman does not respect the easy fish.”

“Though it is worth remembering that the anchor which is cut away, may not be used again.”

“What was that? Are you shot?”

“I stand around a lot with no real idea of what I’m doing.”

“Congratulations. It only took you a week to summon the courage to ask that.”

“And who is this little charmer?”

“What do words mean to the dead?”

“Fantastic. I suppose the whole of the Empire now knows I am the puppet of that horned bastard in Devil Town.”

“Have I told you that you talk too damn much?”

“I hate and love you so much right now I could break both your legs.”

“That sounds rather dangerous.”

“I am backing my faith with my life and my steel.”

“Time for me to bleed a little?”

“That was not the deal, Kitty.”

“A woman has to talk. Or why did you think men pick up swords in the first place?”


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