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Win the Norothian Cycle – Holiday Hop

Win the Norothian Cycle – Holiday Hop

HOLIDAY BLOG HOP!!! Ho, ho, ho. (In a good way…)

Hello, I’m M. Edward McNally, and Welcome to the sablecity’s stop on the Holiday Hop, and thanks much for hopping by.

Here is how I am working my giveway, which will be very simple as befits my level of techological ineptitude.  I’m the author of an epic, Musket & Magic fantasy series called the Norothian Cycle, presently consisting of three books:  The Sable City, Death of a Kingdom, and The Wind from Miilark.

Book III, The Wind from Miilark, weighs in at a trim 119,738 words.  My question for anyone interested is easy:

How many words was the first draft? 

Feel free to leave a guess here as a comment, and at the conclusion of the blog hop, I will (using a careful process of addition and subtraction) calculate the three closest answers (guessing higher or lower doesn’t matter, so go nuts).  The closest SINGLE guess will win e-copies of all three books in the series, while the next TWO closest will win e-copies of Book One (or any of the three).  Copies will be provided by me in any of the normal ways’ either directly via Kindle “gift” or via Smashwords coupons for all other e-readers.

In addition, the “grand prize” winner from the blog will be entered to win the overall prize, as described on the main page of the Holiday Hop

Thanks again for taking part, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and as I always say:  Thanks for reading.

Ed McNally


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