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The Norothian Cycle Book 6… and 7. October update.


I’ve got some short news and some long news, not sure if either rises to the level of good or bad.

The short news is, while I initially thought I could conclude the sixth and last book of the Norothian Cycle by the end of this year, that is not going to happen now. Nothing is wrong, per se, other than while actually writing this book, I’ve come to realize exactly how much remains to be resolved. I honestly don’t think I can wrap up the story to anybody’s satisfaction (least of all my own) in only one more book. Not without making it some quarter-million-plus-word monstrosity that won’t be available for half a year or more later than I hoped.

Ergo, my loose (and I stress “loose”) intention now is still to have Book 6 ready to go around the time I hoped (late this year, or more likely early next). But it is not going to be the last book of the series. There will be a Book 7. I throw myself on the mercy of the court, and hope to thank you for your patience.

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The Norothian Cycle Book 6 – July Update

racing turtle
Hi, I’m Eddie McNally, and it has been two months since my last blog post.

Nothing much has happened in the intervening weeks mind you. Writing Book 6 continues to take up most of my time, and while I think I am on pace for a release this year, I have to admit it is really slow going. Readers of The Norothian Cycle may have noticed a preponderance of plotlines unspooling throughout the first five books, and as John the Red is the last installment, all those loose ends have to come together. Also, I feel it would be nice if they came together in a readable fashion – so that takes a bit of doing.

Just as a for instance, here are five ongoing issues from the first five books I’ve already found myself wrestling with, while still on the first part of Book 6. And yes, they all involve characters who might be termed as either “secondary” or even “tertiary.”

Ongoing issues from:

The Sable City – Will Amatesu ever really be able to forgive herself for what she did to Uriako Shikashe’s family?
Death of a Kingdom – Is Karza ever going to get some comeuppance, or is that evil jerk going to keep skating?
The Wind from Miilark – Will Rhianne ever find someone else to love?
Devil TownPagette can’t keep popping up working for different governments without somebody finally putting him in front of a firing squad, can he?
The Channel War – Is there really any cap on Claudja Perforce’s ambition? Read the rest of this entry »


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Norothian Cycle Map: Tartheagu. Plus Channel War Update

Tartheagu 1397The northern nation of Tartheagu continues to be referenced with increasing frequency as Book Five of the Norothian Cycle – The Channel War – rolls along, but it has thus far only appeared on maps in large scale without much detail. In order to rectify that, here you go.

This map displays the far northwest corner of the continent Noroth, with most of the Empire of the Code visible to the south, and the coastal edge of the Il-Tasardom of Kantantanalace on the eastern edge. The Tarthagars and Kantans, it may be recalled, jointly invade the western half of Old Daul (southeast of this map, visible here) way back in Book Two and occupied a region known as The Protectorate. By Book Four the T-K alliance has fractured, leaving Tartheagu in sole occupation of most of those lands.

In other news, Book Five remains in progress. The first “Part” (roughly a third) is with Beta readers, the second is going out to them this weekend, and the final part should be ready for editing within the next several weeks. Tentatively then, still shooting for a March release, likely toward the end of the month. But it is getting there. 🙂


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Ed on the FlipSide (author interview)

cell meThanks much to Julianne Snow for letting me drop bey her blog, the FlipSide for an interview where I pontificate about, um, me. I combed my hair and cleaned up first, I promise. <– that is a ‘before’ picture.

Is it only happenstance that the interview consists of nine questions, while the pantheon of my fantasy setting has nine deities, and nine characters all assemble by the end of Volume One, The Sable City? Yes, it is just a coincidence. 😉

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Free Apocalypse! (that sounded weird)

APOCALYPSE_ad_jpgHappy Friday, and just a couple things I’d like to mention today – first off, the newest short story collection from the Eclective is available for FREE today from Amazon (and Amazon UK ). This one is seven stories by seven authors all dealing with The Apocalypse, so we figured we should get it out free this weekend…just in case.
holiday hop 2012
Second, over on Ed’s Casual Friday at Indies Unlimited, today’s column details some of the signs that you might, in fact, be a writer of Epic Fantasy.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend, and be sure to check out the post immediately below this one to join the Holiday Hop for a chance to win prizes ranging from all the books of the Norothian Cycle, to a Kindle Fire. 🙂


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Ed’s Casual Friday: Pantser Monologue

squirrel coffeeToday on Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited, I pants myself.

By which I mean I opine about what it’s like for a writer who is a “Pantser” to sit down every morning in front of their writing instruments with no earthly idea what the hell they are doing there. 😉

Plus, there’s a squirrel.


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“Almost Ice Road Truckers, except for the Tulip Bulbs.” Tag Line Tuesday with Carolyn Steele

Today on Tag Line Tuesday, we sit down with (no huge spoilers here) an author! Let’s just jump straight in, shall we?carolyn steele

Ed: Hola! Since I hear writers are creative people, please answer each of the following biographic questions twice, once with the truth and once with a lie.

CS: Carolyn Steele. And, they call me Rocky…it’s a nickname that stuck after a long and boring story about installing some closet doors. When you go through life with a name that doesn’t lend itself to diminutives, you get kinda desperate for a nickname so I allowed it to stick. Oops, that’s not a lie. But then I write non-fiction. Read the rest of this entry »


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