The Channel War (Book V of the Norothian Cycle)

Channel War cover

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– John the Red leads the Martan invasion of Noroth into the devestated remains of Old Ayzantium, where Nesha-tari and Karza still struggle to seize the vacant Ruby Throne.

– Tilda Lanai and Zebulon Baj Nif expand the family business in Imperial Souterm.

– The ronin samurai Uriako Shikashe finds something new to serve.

– Brother Kendall Heggenauer, follower of Jobe the Builder, meets the mad Fire Priest Onayoch, follower of Ayon the Destroyer. It does not go super well.

– Duchess Claudja Perforce changes titles, more than once.

– Princess Allison of Beoshore reunites with old friends.

– The diabolic Lord Balan hatches an Evil Scheme.

Did I miss anybody?


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