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Ed’s Casual Friday, Get a helmet.

Today on Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited I humbly suggest that – while we of course all love the endless whining and moaning – sometimes a writer may be better served by just shutting the hell up and getting back to work.



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Tag Line Tuesday with Jess Mountifield

Today, Tag Line Tuesday is pleased to (virtually) sit down with a writer from “Across the Pond,” so if any of my fellow Yanks are confused by a “u” that doesn’t seem to belong, or an “s” that should be a “z,” that would be why. It’s a big planet and a big language, get used to it. 😉

Let’s get started.

Ed: As I hear writers are creative folk, please answer each of the following twice, once with the truth, or some version thereof.


JM: Jess Mountifield or Night-Sword Girl, actually both of those are kind of untrue. Jess is short for Jessica but I always feel like I am in trouble when people use that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ed’s Casual Friday, An Indie Prayer

Today over at Indies Unlimited, humble supplication. 😉

“Grant me the serenity to just let that idiotic comment on facebook pass by,

Lo, though it is the stupidest thing anyone has ever said, ever, and it vexes me sorely,

And though I have typed a long, witty rejoinder that no one with half a brain could possibly argue,

Just let me hit delete instead of post this one time, and return to my labors.”


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Norothian Cycle Fan Art (squee!)

Big thanks to Tara West (aka Tamra Westberry) for hosting an interview today, and particularly for creating some “fan art” which is absolutely amazing. All three banners, featuring Tilda and Deskata as well as Nesha-tari, along with my interviewee yammering can be seen over at Tara’s place,


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Map: Ay and Martas Peninsulas, political, 1396 NC

Ay & Martan Peninsulas as of early 1396 NC

Some version of this map will accompany the second part of Devil Town (Book IV of the Norothian Cycle), still shooting for a summer release on that one, hopefully June. Much like Book II (Death of a Kingdom), the narrative is likely going to be divided into three “parts” as various characters are sort of off doing their own thing. As readers may guess from the map, Part II will be picking up and combining Nesha-tari’s plot line in Ayzantium from the end of Book II, as well as John Deskata’s, last seen in Thubas on the Martan peninsula at the end of Book III (The Wind from Miilark).


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Ed’s Casual Friday: …………….

Today on my Ed’s Casual Friday column over at Indies Unlimited, I write a column about the fact that I have nothing to write a column about today. Don’t try this at home, I’m a professional. 😉


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Map: Noroth & Kandala, political

By reader request, a map showing the full extent of the two continents where most of the first three volumes of the Norothian Cycle take place, Noroth to the north and Kandala to the south, divided by the Norothian Channel.

The size of the map means a great deal of detail isn’t possible, but hopefully it will serve to give some perspective. The date would be early 1396 NC, after the fall of Daul and its division by Codian (“The Province”)and Tarthan/Kantan (“The Protectorate”) forces. Additionally, the Martan Peninsula on Kandala is shown after conquest by the Gunnakka, and the division of the historic kingdoms into five areas of control by the dragons.

For the record, the Miilarkian Islands are located roughly a month (by sail) due west of the Western Strait separating the two continents, in the midst of the Interminable Ocean.


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