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Ed’s Casual Friday: BIG books

big booksToday on Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited, re-watching LOTR for the umpteenth time causes me to drone on at some length about why people like biiiiiiiig books. 😉


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Ed’s Casual Friday: Digesting Every Word

Today at Ed’s Casual Friday over at Indies Unlimited, I go even more casual than usual as I loosen my belt in the wake of Turkey Day, and pontificate about the benefits of taking a day off from writing now and again.

I’m only kidding about the belt…I’m actually wearing sweatpants.

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How DO you get to The Sable City?

Thanks much to Iaqulotta for the lover-ly review. 🙂 How DO you get to The Sable City?.


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Just a quick shout-out to Free Kindle Books & Tips for today’s listing of The Sable City, which remains FREE on all e-reading doohickeys for the time being. 🙂

Nook – Smashwords – Kobo

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Ed’s Casual Friday: What NOT to say to book reviewers.

For today’s column over at Indies Unlimited, 15 writers offer up 15 things no writer should ever, ever, EVER say in response to a review. No matter how bad we might want to say it. 😉

(the panda thing will make sense, trust me)


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FREE! The Sable City, Volume I of the Norothian Cycle.

In my ongoing attempt to do the absolute minimal amount of self-promotion I can get away with while I work on Book V of the Norothian Cycle, Book I – The Sable City by M. Edward McNally – is presently FREE most everywhere e-books are sold, including from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.

If you haven’t yet started following Tilda & Co.’s tale, please do feel FREE to do so. And if you have, please invite a pal to come along with you. Or heck, you can even invite people you don’t like. 😉

Thanks, and happy reading.
– Ed


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