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FREE book, and Ed’s Casual Friday – Books v. Movies

 Two things today. First off, this weekend (Fri-Sun) is the last FREE run for The Sable City, Book One of the Norothian Cycle, via Amazon’s Select program. Really, Select has been great for me for getting more readers to the series, but to every thing there is a season, and I figure I should nose back onto the other platforms as well. Many thanks to all who got the book on Kindle, and started down Tilda Lanai’s trail and tale. 🙂

Second off…why does nobody say “second off?” But apart from that, Ed’s Casual Friday column today over at Indies Unlimited consists of some of my thoughts on the whole “the books is always better than the movie” thing, and why I think that is increasingly less true the more “cinematic” writers try to write their books.

Thanks always for reading. – Ed


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Ed’s Casual Friday 8/17: What’s in a name, Jar Jar?

“A rose by any other name…might be unpronouncable.”

Today over on Indies Unlimited, my Friday coulmn ruminates about naming characters in Sci Fi/Fantasy, and Star Wars. Mostly, Star Wars.


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Thanks to Jacque Hopkins for letting me ramble semi-coherently about writing, Italian food, and so forth somewhere else for a change. 😉  interview


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Ed’s Casual Friday 8/10: Bad Exposition Advice

Today over on Indies Unlimited, I offer up some terrible, very bad, no good writing advice for dancing the tango with exposition in your novels. 😉


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Summer Splash Blog Hop Winner:

Thanks to all those who took part in the Summer Splash Blog Hop, and congratulations to Debbie for coming closest on the “guess the number of jellybeans” style question. 🙂

Q: The final version the newly released book Devil Town, Volume IV of the Norothian Cycle has a word count of 109,472. The question is, what was the word count of the first draft?

A: 108,505

The book got just a little longer from first to final draft, which is odd as some scenes were cut and others added, and at least one was reworked entirely, but there you go. Read the rest of this entry »


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